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Dubbing Hana Yori Dango & Meteor Shower?

I was debating wither or not to post this topic. My cousin and I are creating the dub version to the Japanese and Chinese adaptations of Hana Yori Dango (Meteor Shower).

I will be the voice of Yu Xun (Tsukushi): Vanessa.

If there is anyone out there who wants a part in either adaptation, you may contact me:


Or my cousin, Marlene at:

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Discussion Posts: To Be Continued?

Hello everyone! Its been a while since we've got any discussion rolling around. I was hoping we'd get direct downloads by now, but sadly, streaming seems to be the only best way to get to see the series with English subtitles. I do wish I ripped it off myosoju when I had the chance the first time. Woe.

Ah but anyway, even though many of you have already seen it all, I was wondering if you were still interested in keeping up with discussion posts?

Poll #1615301 Would you participate in discussion posts?

Would you participate in discussion posts?


If yes, how often would you think is a good time?

One episode every week
One episode every two weeks
Other (specify in comments)
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[Sharing] Meteor Shower Music Videos

Almost forgot about these!

让我为你唱首歌 Let Me Sing a Song For You - H4 (non-Trailer version) 84 MB

爱的华尔兹 Love's Waltz - Zheng Shuang and Yu Haoming 94 MB

我要的飞翔 Wo Yao de Fei Xiang (Ending Theme) - Xu Fei 56 MB

Many thank to cfensi who gave me permission to share these downloads originally posted here. ♥
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Meteor Shower episode 7 mysoju rip

Unfortunately, Meteor Shower clips on vikii and youtube do not have hard-encoded subtitles so there was no point ripping it from there but mysoju's are! And so I ripped each part, joined them and I bring you:

Meteor Shower episode 7 (direct download)

NOTE: The sound was off a little in mysoju and thus, will be in this download as well, sorry. Also the quality isn't the best but sufficient to watch until hopefully higher quality downloads are available. I also haven't gotten the chance to view the entire thing so I apologize in advance for any other bugs/problems. Enjoy!

Let me know if this episode runs smoothly, if so, I'll continue to rip the remaining episodes this way! Thanks!
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Lets Go Watch the Meteor Shower OST DOWNLOAD


Title: Meteor Shower Original Soundtrack (OST)
Artists: Zheng Shuang (Chu Yuxun), Yu Hao Ming (Duanmu Lei), Wei Chen (Ye Shuo), Zhu Zi Xiao (Shangguan Ruiqian), Xu Fei, Zhang Han (Murong Yunhai)
Release Date: June 11, 2009
Language: English
Genre: Pop/Rock

01 让我为你唱首歌 - 张翰 俞灏明 魏晨 朱梓骁
02 星空物语 - 张翰 俞灏明 魏晨 朱梓骁 (Opening)
03 爱的华尔兹 - 郑爽
04 拾忆 - 张翰
05 一个人的浪漫 - 俞灏明
06 分身情人 - 魏晨 *
07 想念的歌 - 朱梓骁
08 我要的飞翔 - 许飞 (Ending)
09 星空物语(Guitar Instrumental)
10 一个人的浪漫(Piano Instrumental)
Bonus Track
11 爱的华尔兹(Special Edition) - 郑爽 俞灏明
12 - 疯人愿- 魏晨 (Very Special Bonus Track)

CREDIT to cfensi who gave us permission to post the download links here and where I also shamelessly copied+pasted the tracklist. Her original link can be found here. Also thanks to Nishiio @ soompiforums for ripping the tracks.

Hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did~♥
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